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ROMAR - Ready to ship ©ROMAR International 2020

New SS1000 System Air Freighted to the Middle East

We’ve just air freighted another SS1000 swarf system to the Middle East for a major operator’s upcoming well abandonment campaign. The system was loaded into a Cargolux 747 freighter at Prestwick for shipment to the Gulf. Thanks to the hard work of the ROMAR operations and workshop teams as we serve new markets around the…
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ROMAR International Logo Video Still ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR International HSEQ Performance

We are proud to report that 2018 was a record year for ROMAR International. We recovered 1,038,739 kg of swarf during the milling of 17,642 ft of casing over 54x milled intervals. Despite this being the busiest year in the history of the company, we maintained an exemplary safety record. The below stats are a…
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ROMAR EZ-Clean® Ditch Magnets - ©ROMAR International 2020

News ROMAR Commission 17th New SS1000 System

We have just commissioned ROMAR International’s 17th SS1000 swarf handling system. In the past four years, our fleet has more than doubled in size to meet the increased demand on decommissioning and well abandonment campaigns worldwide. This unique SS1000+, Zone 1 compatible unit can operate at flow rates of 1,500 gpm and capacities of up…
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ROMAR PMS Installation - ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR PMS Packer Wear Monitor Developed

(Patent Pending)

Offshore Achievement Awards 2018 Finalist - Romar International

ROMAR International Finalists in the SPE 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards

ROMAR International are delighted to announce that we have been announced as finalists in the Export Achievement Category of the SPE Offshore Achievement Awards 2018. In the past 12 months, ROMAR has exported its EZ-CLEAN Swarf Handling System® to Australia, Qatar, Canada, Malaysia, Holland and the Caribbean. As a result, Romar experienced exceptional growth in…
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Accreditations: ROMAR are ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 Certified.

ROMAR International has received the latest ISO certifications

ROMAR International has received the latest ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. This has been approved and certified by DNV. The new 2015 standards incorporate significant changes with greater emphasis on leadership and risk management. This is an impressive achievement and a testament to ROMAR’s commitment to service quality and maintenance of our…
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ROMAR-EZ-CLEAN-ditch-magnets ©ROMAR International 2020

News Romar International delivers additional Ez-Clean Ditch Magnets to Malaysia

Romar International delivers additional Ez-Clean® Ditch Magnets to Malaysia due to the high demand and Issues caused by metallic contaminants circulating in drilling fluid. Manual handling risks minimised – Magnetic Rods weigh less than 4kg. No chain hoist required to remove/install the EZ-Clean System®, unlike traditional ‘block type’ ditch magnets. No human contact with the…
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ROMAR Global Operations - ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR® achieves significant levels of international growth.

From 2017, ROMAR worldwide sales outweigh those in the domestic UK market with major growth in the Middle East, Asia, Americas, Africa and Europe.

Energy Ventures Private Equity - ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR International acquired by EV Private Equity.

ROMAR International is acquired by EV Private Equity. Robert Stables joins the company as Managing Director and Duncan Scott takes the position of Financial Director.

ROMAR EZ-Clean® Filter Tank System ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR Filter Tank System Launched

ROMAR® develop the Filter Tank. This compact unit is the first purpose-designed technology to remove metallic debris from fluids in liquid mud plants. Thus, breaking the cycle of metallic contamination for operators. The Filter Tank was successfully trialled in a UK liquid mud plant.