Traditional block magnets provide poor performance and manual handling issues. The Ez-Clean rod is a development of our standard Magnogrid ditch magnet and provides a complete magnetic barrier across the full width and depth of the fluid path. Each Ez-Clean rod weighs less than 4 Kg and can be removed from position with minimum effort by the operator. Any metal attracted is easily removed using the telescopic handle. No scraping or human contact with the debris is required. This greatly enhances both performance and the safety of the operator. 

The standard EZ-Clean system configuration involves an array of 2-3 frames designed to fit the width of the rig flow line. Each frame is usually configured to mount three or four EZ-Clean rods which create a magnetic 'grid' within the flow line. The position of the EZ-Clean rods is staggered to provide the best possible coverage. Through this configuration, our EZ-Clean system offers considerably better coverage than a conventional bar type magnet - both in depth and width across the flow line. Our system also offer great flexibility, a 2-3 frame configuration is optimum for conventional drilling operations. However, if small scale milling work such as a multi-lateral window is to be cut then additional frames and EZ-Clean rods can easily be added for increased coverage.   



Significant reduced manual handling & safety advantages

Extremely effective metallic particle recovery

Protects drilling equipment from damage

Recovers metallic particles across a range of sizes

Extends equipment life & reduces NPT

Makes it faster & easier to identify when a well is clear of metallic debris - for example when a well is being cleaned up prior to a 'smart' completion being run.

Fast to deploy and easy to install

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