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Romar International Mud Spill PreventionRomar International Mud Spill Prevention
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mud spill prevention
Romar International Mud Spill Prevention

mud spill prevention

the romar packer management system (pms) helps avoid accidental environmental contamination.

The effect of accidental spillages into the environment is well publicised, with specific events in recent years leading to significant impacts for organisations involved in such incidents. There has never been a better time for the offshore oil and gas industry to mitigate against unnecessary environmental damage, and the ROMAR Packer Management System [PMS] offers Clients an opportunity to avoid accidental contamination of the environment by (i) ensuring prevention at source wherever possible and (ii) mitigating the impact of unforeseeable spillages by carrying out - and recording - a series of executive actions.

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Romar International Packer Management System (PMS)
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