ITN Productions - ROMAR International Video

ITN Productions recently filmed a series of interviews for Oil & Gas UK at ROMAR's Aberdeenshire base. This video was launched at the 2019 Offshore North Sea Conference and covers the application of our technology to increase operator performance and reduce production and decommissioning cost.


New ROMAR SS1000 Installation - Offshore Holland

The ROMAR team have just installed another SS1000 system for milling operations on a jack-up rig in Holland.


ROMAR SS1000 Systems Have Now Recovered Over 4,000,000 Kg of Debris

ROMAR International’s SS1000 swarf systems have now recovered over 4,000,000 Kg of debris on milling operations. Our activity has grown significantly in the past year to include the Middle East, Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Europe. This is a significant performance milestone, all achieved with a remarkable service quality record. Thanks go to all our team members for making this happen! For more information on our SS1000 system and performance contact us at info@romarinternational.co.uk


ITN Camera Crew Filming at ROMAR HQ

The ROMAR team just spent a day filming with an ITN Productions camera crew at our Aberdeenshire base. We look forward to sharing some of the footage with you in the near future!


New ROMAR SS1000 Installation

Our SS1000 system has just been urgently installed for a client in the UK North Sea, following the failure of a competitor swarf unit. Thanks go to the ROMAR International operations team and crew for their rapid response, saving the operator further downtime and expense.


SS1000 Swarf Handling Performance in the Middle East

We’ve just completed another successful swarf handling job for a major operator in the Middle East. 106 ft of 9-5/8” 53.5 lbs/ft casing was milled, with a total of 2.6 tons of debris (steel + cement) recovered by our SS1000 unit. The attached photo illustrates our Flowhead assembly being installed prior to milling operations. This eliminated debris plugging in the rig lines and the associated down time. The job was completed with zero NPT and zero LTI’s.


Upgraded Packer Management System for South America

The ROMAR team are preparing an upgraded Packer Management System for shipping and installation on a deep water drill ship in South America. This system uses a new fail-safe dual power supply and PLC for reliable operation in harsh conditions. Our electronically activated PMS system immediately detects and reacts to very small drops in riser pressure, automatically energising the back-up slip-joint packer - thus guarding against mud spills and environmental damage from drill ships and semi-submersible rigs. If you would like to discuss any similar applications then don’t hesitate to contact us on info@romarinternational.co.uk


New Equipment Fabricated for Operations in Africa

The ROMAR team have just completed fabrication & assembly of a large adjustable support frame to optimise our SS1000 system on an upcoming land decommissioning campaign in Africa. This allows gravity returns from our unit to the rig active system and avoids the use of centrifugal pumps and a holding tank. Thus minimising equipment cost and footprint for our client. The use of a ‘gravity’ return system also reduces complexity in a swarf system, thus reducing the risk of downtime and NPT during well abandonment operations.


New SS1000 System Air Freighted to the Middle East

We’ve just air freighted another SS1000 swarf system to the Middle East for a major operator’s upcoming well abandonment campaign. The system was loaded into a Cargolux 747 freighter at Prestwick for shipment to the Gulf. Thanks to the hard work of the ROMAR operations and workshop teams as we serve new markets around the world.


SE-Asia Ez-Clean Customer Feedback

Extremely positive feedback received from a ROMAR International customer in SE Asia who applied our Ez-Clean system on their 2018-2019 drilling campaign “This is the second campaign to utilize the magnets and the efficiency continues to be outstanding. We experienced zero MWD/LWD failures attributed to metal cuttings and none were reported in the tool tear downs. We also experienced zero pump issues related to metal cuttings in the drilling fluid. These results are outstanding given the fact that over 500 feet of 7” casing was milled and the tortuous nature of the wells drilled. We look forward to utilizing the magnets on future projects”


SS1000 System Performance Update

The ROMAR team have just completed the latest well on an ongoing UK milling campaign. The client has reported that our SS1000 system is “working extremely well” with 2,998ft of casing and liner milled at an average ROP of 5 ft/hr with zero non-productive time or lost time incidents on the job.


ROMAR Commission 17th New SS1000 System

We have just commissioned ROMAR International’s 17th SS1000 swarf handling system. In the past four years our fleet has more than doubled in size to meet increased demand on decommissioning and well abandonment campaigns worldwide. This unique SS1000+, Zone 1 compatible unit can operate at flow rates of 1,500 gpm and capacities of up to 2,000 Kg/hr, thus removing any restriction on milling performance for our clients.


ROMAR Awarded New Business in North Africa

We are delighted to report that ROMAR International Ltd have been awarded the swarf handling business on a series of up to six land wells for an international operator in North Africa. Our SS1000 system will remove any restriction on parameters to allow optimised milling performance on this campaign


ROMAR International HSEQ Performance

We are proud to report that 2018 was a record year for ROMAR International. We recovered 1,038,739 kg of swarf during the milling of 17,642 ft of casing over 54x milled intervals. Despite this being the busiest year in the history of the company, we maintained an exemplary safety record. The below stats are a testament to the focus of our team.


ROMAR International Swarf Handling Video

The latest version of our Swarf Handling product video.


ROMAR International Ez-Clean System Video

Our Ez-Clean and Filter Tank system video details the challenge of drilling fluid system contamination - and our solutions to break this cycle.


ROMAR International Finalists in the SPE 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards

We are delighted that ROMAR International have been announced as a finalist in the SPE 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards, Export Achievement Category. The award ceremony will be held on the 22nd March 2018 at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre. This result is a testament to hard work of ROMAR team members in projects across the world. Our growth through 2017 has seen us win additional business with customers in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.


ROMAR International have received the latest ISO certifications

ROMAR International have received the latest ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. This has been approved and certified by DNV.


Romar International delivers additional Ez-Clean Ditch Magnets to Malaysia

Romar International delivers additional Ez-Clean Ditch Magnets to Malaysia due to the high demand and Issues caused by metallic contaminants circulating in drilling fluid. Manual handling risks minimised - Magnetic Rods weigh less than 4kg.


Another very successful swarf handling job carried out by Romar

Another very successful swarf handling job carried out on a new field decommissioning campaign in the UK offshore Moray Firth. Our SS1000 system recovered 5,000 Kg tons of debris from the section milling of a 100 ft 9-5/8” casing window.


ROMAR International have completed the upgrade of its Packer Management System

ROMAR International have just completed the upgrade of our Packer Management System on a semi-submersible rig in the Central North Sea.

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