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Romar International Packer Management System (PMS)Romar International Packer Management System (PMS)
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Romar International Packer Management System (PMS)

packer management system

the romar packer management system (pms) helps avoid accidental environmental contamination.

product synopsis

The connection between a mobile drilling rig and the riser from the subsea BOP is known as the slip joint and this allows for natural movement/heave of the rig during operations. The means of containment of the drilling fluids within the riser is via inflatable packers at the slip joint. In the event of packer wear and/or failure being undetected this can lead to accidental spillage into the environment. This is a scenario that ALL rig owners, drilling contractors and offshore Operators want to avoid at all costs because of the potential negative impact on their Company from an attentive global community focussed on environmental protection.

The PMS has been developed to provide constant monitoring of slip joint packers on Semi Subs and Overshot Packers on Jack-up Drilling Rigs to prevent leaks of drilling fluids into the environment. The system is designed to automatically energise the back-up packer system when the primary packer fails or begins to leak.

key features
  • Mitigates risk of accidental spillage.
  • Provides on-site event log [>1,000events].
  • Full auditable register in event of system failure to provide Operator with key information.
  • Automatically inflates bottom packer when top packer loses 3 PSI (or any other set point).
  • Fully automated in case of power failure.
  • Easy to read facia with interchangeable language instructions.
  • Visual and audible pneumatic and / or electrical status alarms.
  • Maintenance-friendly design and layout.
  • Can operate with air or hydraulic systems – or a combination of both.
  • Pressure relief vent on system in case of internal failure.
  • Detailed operations manual for rig staff.
  • Full 12month system warranty provided by ROMAR.
full turnkey design and technical support

ROMAR also offers a full turnkey design and technical support package comprising

  • Initial offshore site survey.
  • Design and layout drawings.
  • HSEQ analysis.
  • Site installation, commissioning of PMS.
  • PMS training and familiarisation modules for rig staff.
  • System upgrades.

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Romar International Packer Management System (PMS)
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