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Protecting high value drilling, completion and surface rig equipment from damage and component wear caused by metallic debris (swarf) circulating in fluid systems.


Protecting the marine environment from well fluid discharges caused by slip joint seal integrity failure through proactive monitoring, protection and reporting technology..


Perfecting cost effective technologies to safeguard operational integrity, extend asset life thereby reducing operating costs, increasing safety and improving reliability.

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Swarf Recovered

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Improve Safety, Efficiency and Environmental Impact with our Genuinely Attractive Solutions.

Focused on Asset Integrity Assurance, ROMAR International provides cost effective technologies to safeguard operational integrity, extend useful life, reduce operating costs, improve reliability and minimise operational delay using their patented technology, supported by a skilled and experienced workforce.

Sharp Thinking for Smooth Swarf Processing

The ROMAR® Swarf Handling System is a market-leading, patented technology offering multiple benefits to clients, asset managers and operators.


A planet-first approach underpins all ROMAR® Products. Our PMS™ helps clients preserve the marine environment and our EZ-CLEAN® system recycles and reuses Drilling fluid, reducing product miles and waste generation. 


The reliable separation and removal of the milled metal swarf helps to prevent unnecessary damage to rig processing equipment, minimising the risk of rig downtime, whilst also allowing for the re-use of recycled drilling fluid.


Our systems are capable of operating at flow rates of up to 1,500gpm while recovering debris at up to 2,000 Kg/hr. We will not limit milling performance, allowing the full optimisation of milling parameters. Thus saving our clients rig days and considerable expense.


The system has been designed with efficient metal particle separation and manual handling safety as the main considerations in order to provide a safe, highly efficient solution for the processing of liquids or slurries contaminated with metallic particles

CASE STUDY – Confidential, Operator. SE Asia.


“The magnets worked very well and the ease of cleaning was definitely a plus. We had zero downtime due to mud pump expendables and have had no reports of any metal shavings in MWD/LWD directional tools. I believe this can be attributed to the effectiveness and ease of cleaning of the magnet assembly”.


Maximise uptime on a three month drilling contract in SE Asia.


ROMAR® EZ-CLEAN Ditch Magnet System®


632 Kg of debris recovered during a 3x month drilling program.

ZERO downtime.

Executive Leadership Team

ROMAR International™ takes great pride in the ‘family’ culture within our worldwide team. Our leadership works closely with the wider managment team on all aspects of the business to ensure that ROMAR® products and services continue to deliver optimum results for our supply chain, clients and operators.

Malcolm MacKenzie


Alan Shanks 


Craig Martin

Head of Business Development

Mark Lateu

Service Delivery Manager

Pat Annand

Operations Manager

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Headquartered in Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland ROMAR International enjoys a global presence from our rural location.  Operating in 6 continents, ROMAR offers a unique and effective service to clients world-wide. 


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