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About Us


Our People & Products: Genuinely Attractive In Everyway

Since inception in 2000, ROMAR has grown steadily into an international player and a market leader in the field of magnetic separation.
With innovation, efficacy and safety at the heart of every operation, the company has invested heavily in developing products that solve industry problems, reduce risk and increase efficiency.
Strategic management, considered product development and a clear vision for the future ensured that ROMAR not only survived the crash of 2014 but has grown and thrived through this time. This was achieved through diversifying geographical target markets and ensuring staff retention to maximise the skills and expertise available to clients, thus ensuring consistent delivery of products, service and expertise.

Our Products

Our recipe for success: A force of nature,  engineering &  expertise

ROMAR International is a business with environmental concerns at the heart of its product base.  Our products are designed to function simply, safely and with a positive environmental impact. 
Our magnetic separation technologies help purify the product, streamline operations and increase asset life while our Packer Managment System™ helps prevent mud spills on the surface, protecting the marine environmental and preserving the industry reputation through proactive response. 

Our Objectives


the environmental impact of operations


against unexpected or excessive maintenence costs


against the risk of unexpected equipment failure


operations crews from harm or injury


the reliability of client operations


the operational integrity of assets.

About us

Our Mission: 

Successfully working in over 18 countries and 6 continents, we aim to increase our international operations across Africa and the Middle East by 35% within five years* and we are well on target to achieving this level of growth.
We operate a lean management model, which prioritises environmental impact reduction along with a consistent re-investment in our product and service development over the trappings of brand perception. 

Our Vision 

We believe in the old adage that you can have both roots and wings.

At our global HQ in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland, Team ROMAR enjoy a much loved and well-respected local presence that complements our international operations. We take pride in giving something back to those who have supported us in our journey to become the market leader across all our service sectors, allowing us to expand our international presence and capabilities. As we continue to grow, this ethos is replicated across all operating bases to demonstrate our gratitude to the surrounding communities and localities.

Since inception, ROMAR International has implemented a development strategy that puts environment, performance consistency and continuous improvement at the heart of our operations. As a result, we enjoy an international reputation for eco-friendly, reliable and effective products and service delivery and continue to be an invaluable enabler to our clients and a challenger to our competitors.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. ROMAR has taken significant steps to protect our ever-growing list of IP’s and Patents to defend the quality and consistency of results for our clients which is synonymous with the ROMAR Brand. Our high levels of client retention are a point of pride. Those tempted by the false-economy of second-rate products are often quick to return to ROMAR’s skills and expertise to reduce the uncertainty and increase productivity in drilling fluid operations.

Our Leadership