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Around the World with ROMAR International: Nestor

Around the World with ROMAR International: Nestor

Around the world and across the pond, ROMAR is proud of its international presence. While ROMAR’s HQ is based in the coastal town of Newburgh in Aberdeenshire, our innovative technology is utilised across the globe.

Nestor Daboin, President and Founder of Onyx Solutions, supports ROMAR in North and South America. With over 40 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector, Nestor has become an integral member of our international team and supports ROMAR to nurture relationships across the continent.

“I’ve worked in the oil industry since 83’. It’s fascinating to think how much has changed since then, but I wouldn’t trade in my experiences for anything. I initially started my career at IMCO services, Halliburton’s Drilling Fluids Division at the time. Little did I know, the next 40 years would see me cultivate a career across the oilfield sector with several significant players in the industry.

“I developed my own business in 2016, Onyx Solutions. Focusing on delivering integrated solutions to the oil and gas industry, we offer business consulting and product solutions across the Americas. While our HQ is in Katy, Texas, we operate across a number of regions, including Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

“I began to support ROMAR International through Onyx Solutions around two years ago, and we’ve enjoyed a productive relationship ever since. I help ROMAR to build, nurture and sustain relationships with operators across North and South America. Tapping into my extensive network, I’m on hand to establish partnerships while educating my contacts about ROMAR’s specialist technology.  

“It’s great to see that ROMAR has taken the initiative to ensure its global audiences are effectively managed. You can’t underestimate the value of offering a local contact to your international customers. It helps overcome many of the barriers when working internationally, including time zones, language and cultural differences. In addition, it builds a sense of professionalism and trust when customers can quickly liaise with a member of your team based locally. What’s more, I have specific knowledge and understanding of the diverse markets across North and South America, which means I can seek out the best and most realistic opportunities on behalf of ROMAR.

“More recently, I’ve started to support ROMAR’s sister company in the USA, Abrado. The merger of ROMAR and Abrado makes for an exciting addition to the P&A market. Their combined offering and high-quality range of products are undoubtedly a missing puzzle piece in the broader marketplace. While ROMAR enjoys maintained growth and development, I look forward to offering my continued support in the years to come.”