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Category: Mud Spill Prevention

ROMAR PMS Installation - ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR® introduces new enhanced, Packer Management System (PMS)

ROMAR® introduce a new enhanced, Packer Management System (PMS) with the ability to physically measure packer wear, thus offering the ability to accurately schedule preventative maintenance. Previous systems have all been dependent upon waiting for failure to occur, before reacting. Data from our new technology PMS systems can also now be transmitted digitally to clients…
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ROMAR PMS® Dashboard; preventing spills to ocean - ©ROMAR International 2020

New ROMAR Packer Management System Technology

The ROMAR® Packer Management System(PMS) monitors pressure on slip joint packers, detecting leaks, automatically energising back-up packers and preventing spills to the ocean. A series of major updates to our system means that clients will now have the option to remotely access ROMAR® Packer Management System on their rigs securely, from anywhere in the world.…
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ROMAR® PMS™ -Planet-Friendly Mud Spill Prevention Technology

News New ROMAR Packer Management System Installations

It was a busy end to 2019 for ROMAR Senior Electrical Technician Ross Mathieson. Ross has been busy commissioning ROMAR Packer Management Systems and upgrades in the US Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Norway. Our Packer Management System (PMS) constantly monitors the slip-joint on semi-submersible rigs and drill ships and automatically activates the back-up…
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ROMAR International & ITN Energy of the Future. ©ROMAR International 2020

ITN Productions – ROMAR International Video

ITN Productions recently filmed a series of interviews for Oil & Gas UK at ROMAR’s Aberdeenshire base. The Energy of the Future video was launched at the 2019 Offshore North Sea Conference and includes the application of our swarf handling and packer management technology to increase operator performance and reduce industry cost.

ROMAR PMS Installation - ©ROMAR International 2020

Upgraded Packer Management System for South America

The ROMAR team are preparing an upgraded Packer Management System for shipping and installation on a deepwater drillship in South America. This system uses a new fail-safe dual power supply and PLC for reliable operation in harsh conditions. Our electronically activated PMS system immediately detects and reacts to very small drops in riser pressure, automatically…
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ROMAR PMS Installation - ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR PMS Packer Wear Monitor Developed

(Patent Pending)

ROMAR PMS-dashboard ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR International completes upgrade of Packer Management System (PM

Originally posted 5th June 2017 ROMAR International has completed the upgrade of our Packer Management System™ (PMS) located on a semi-submersible rig in the Central North Sea. Our PMS system constantly monitors the slip-joint packers. If the primary packer fails or begins to leak, our system automatically energises the back-up. Consequently, greatly reducing the risk…
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