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ROMAR Team Distributing Bug Hotels in the Local Aberdeenshire Community

To help combat the loss of natural insect habitats, the ROMAR team are distributing ‘Bug Hotels’ to local schools and around our own Aberdeenshire base. These encourage biodiversity and help support beneficial insects that pollinate flowers and control pests.

ROMAR SS1000 Systems Being Prepared for Multiple New Decommissioning Campaigns

The ROMAR workshop team have been working hard to prepare multiple SS1000 swarf handling systems for upcoming decommissioning campaigns. These two systems are heading out to optimise milling performance in the UK North Sea and North America. Beautiful weather on the Aberdeenshire coast today! 

Record Milling Performance in the Middle East

Congratulations and thanks to the ROMAR International swarf handling, milling and rig teams on a current land job in the Middle East. Benchmark performance was achieved during the pilot milling of 7” casing with records set for run length and penetration rate. This has all been achieved through summer temperatures in the Gulf.

ROMAR International Logo Video Still ©ROMAR International 2020

New ROMAR Ez-Clean System Video

We just released a narrated video covering our Ez-Clean ditch magnet technology. Our system is considerably safer and more effective than conventional bar magnets, thus greatly reducing the risk of injury and equipment failure for operators. If we can help increase safety and reduce operational cost on your projects – THEN DON’T HESITATE TO GET IN…
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ROMAR International Logo Video Still ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR SS1000 Systems Have Now Recovered Over 4,000,000 Kg of Debris

ROMAR International’s SS1000 swarf systems have now recovered over 4,000,000 Kg of debris on milling operations. Our activity has grown significantly in the past year to include operations in the Middle East, Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Europe. This is a significant performance milestone, all achieved with a remarkable service quality record. Thanks…
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ROMAR EZ-Clean® Filter Tank System - Service quality commended

News New ROMAR SS1000 Installation

Our SS1000 system has just been urgently installed for a client in the UK North Sea, following the failure of a competitor swarf unit. Thanks go to the ROMAR International operations team and crew for their rapid response, saving the operator further downtime and expense. 

ROMAR SS10000 install ©ROMAR International 2020

SS1000 Swarf Handling Performance in the Middle East

We’ve just completed another successful swarf handling job for a major operator in the Middle East. 106ft of 9-5/8” 53.5 lbs/ft casing was milled, with a total of 2.6 tons of debris (steel + cement) recovered by our SS1000 unit. The attached photo illustrates our Flowhead assembly being installed prior to milling operations. This eliminated…
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ROMAR International & ITN Energy of the Future. ©ROMAR International 2020

Energy Of The Future: An ITN/OGUK Production featuring ROMAR International.

ITN Productions recently filmed a series of interviews for Oil & Gas UK at ROMAR’s Aberdeenshire base. The Energy of the Future video was launched at the 2019 Offshore North Sea Conference and includes the application of ROMAR technology to increase operator performance and reduce industry cost. A comprehensive documentary style-programme exploring the societal and economic…
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ROMAR Installation Deck - ©ROMAR International 2020

New Equipment Fabricated for Operations in Africa

The ROMAR team have just completed the fabrication & assembly of a large adjustable support frame to optimise our SS1000 system on an upcoming land decommissioning campaign in Africa. This allows gravity returns from our unit to the rig active system and avoids the use of centrifugal pumps and a holding tank. Thus minimising equipment…
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ROMAR - Ready to ship ©ROMAR International 2020

New SS1000 System Air Freighted to the Middle East

We’ve just air freighted another SS1000 swarf system to the Middle East for a major operator’s upcoming well abandonment campaign. The system was loaded into a Cargolux 747 freighter at Prestwick for shipment to the Gulf. Thanks to the hard work of the ROMAR operations and workshop teams as we serve new markets around the…
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