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Getting to know…Craig Martin

Getting to know…Craig Martin

Meet Craig, the Head of Business Development at ROMAR International and responsible for managing our global growth. Overseeing all major international projects and supporting our customers from enquiry to installation, Craig is a treasured member of team ROMAR.  

“Performance and business growth are important to me. When I first joined team ROMAR in 2015, I knew it was going to be something special. It’s wonderful working for a small, driven, independent company.  

“My career began in the 1990’s as a graduate engineer, then manager for several major oilfield service providers.  In the past twenty years, I’ve lived and worked in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Working in varied positions around the globe has given me specialised technical knowledge in drilling and well abandonment operations – together with an appreciation of different cultures and an understanding of adapting business offerings to diverse markets.  

Pictured: The view from the Saudi Arabian desert during Craig’s time as a Saudi Arabia Country Manager.

“In the six years I’ve been part of the incredible team at ROMAR, I’m astounded at the progress we’ve made, establishing ourselves as an internationally recognised organisation. We might be a small business, but we have a colossal footprint. Since 2015, we’ve supplied our swarf management and ditch magnet systems across six continents and in 18 different countries.

“With well abandonment and decommissioning commonplace in the industry, I’ve found myself going full circle. I’m now assisting with the decommissioning of many of the assets I helped develop in the mid ’90s.

“I take great pride in supporting our customers and ensuring they receive a first-class service, enhancing performance and safety, while reducing the delivery cost of their projects. While the team at ROMAR might be small, every member plays their part to offer the highest level of service quality possible for our clients.

“The future for ROMAR is one that excites me, and I’m delighted to have my part to play in evolving and expanding our remit. While ROMAR offers market-leading and pioneering technology, we must continue to innovate and grow. There’s so much of the world we haven’t yet explored, and we have many opportunities to further increase our international business. Our merger with well abandonment specialists Abrado and investment from EV Private Equity is another reason to be optimistic about what’s ahead for ROMAR.”