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The ROMAR MAGNOGRID® system offers a step change in performance over conventional bar magnets.

Frames of MAGNOGRID® – high strength magnetic rods – are placed across the full width and depth of the rig flow line or header box. Thus offering complete magnetic coverage to remove metallic debris from circulating fluid. Our MAGNOGRID® system is considerably more effective than conventional bar magnets, offering our clients reassurance that their downhole and surface equipment is properly protected from wear and potential failure.

The ROMAR® MAGNOGRID® system also offers a high degree of flexibility. When a higher than normal quantity of metal debris has to be recovered, for example when a whip-stock casing window is milled. Magnetic coverage can be enhanced by placing additional MAGNOGRID® Forks into the flow line. Each fork has a long handle to allow these to be easily placed into the rig flow to increase magnetic coverage quickly and efficiently.


The MAGNOGRID® ditch magnet system provides a cost effective solution to the challenge of metal swarf debris contamination.  Part of ROMAR’s suite of swarf management technologies, the system hangs a grid of polished magnetic rods across the flow line.

The grid covers the complete width and depth of the flow line, thus providing much more effective coverage than conventional bar magnets.

 MAGNOGRID® frame assemblies can be fabricated to fit a rig flow line or header box dimensions.

Where there is a need to quickly provide new or enhanced magnetic coverage on a job. For example, when a cased hole side-track whip-stock window is to be milled.

ROMAR International can provide MAGNOGRID® Forks with long handles. These can be quickly and easily inserted into the rig flow line to provide enhanced coverage.