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Romar Ditch Magnets in Middle East - ©ROMAR International 2020

New ROMAR Ez-Clean Ditch Magnet System in the Middle East

The photo below shows our Ez-Clean ditch magnet system being run on a rig in the Middle East to clear metallic swarf debris from the well with a much greater degree of efficiency and safety than is possible with bar magnets. If we can help improve efficiency and safety on your operations, then don’t hesitate…
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ROMAR PMS® Dashboard; preventing spills to ocean - ©ROMAR International 2020

New ROMAR Packer Management System Technology

The ROMAR® Packer Management System(PMS) monitors pressure on slip joint packers, detecting leaks, automatically energising back-up packers and preventing spills to the ocean. A series of major updates to our system means that clients will now have the option to remotely access ROMAR® Packer Management System on their rigs securely, from anywhere in the world.…
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ROMAR EZ-Clean® Filter Tank System on location Middle East ©ROMAR International 2020

News New ROMAR SS1000 System for Australasia

It’s been wet and cold in Aberdeenshire, but that’s another ROMAR SS1000 swarf system shipping out to warmer conditions in Australasia. This will allow optimized milling performance on an upcoming well abandonment campaign in the Indian Ocean. Great work from our workshop team in preparing the system on time in difficult weather conditions.

ROMAR® PMS™ -Planet-Friendly Mud Spill Prevention Technology

News New ROMAR Packer Management System Installations

It was a busy end to 2019 for ROMAR Senior Electrical Technician Ross Mathieson. Ross has been busy commissioning ROMAR Packer Management Systems and upgrades in the US Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Norway. Our Packer Management System (PMS) constantly monitors the slip-joint on semi-submersible rigs and drill ships and automatically activates the back-up…
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ROMAR Ditch Magnets ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR Ez-Clean Shipment for the Central North Sea

We’re shipping another Ez-Clean ditch magnet system to an operator in the Central North Sea. Each frame covers the full width and depth of the rig header tank for optimum coverage. Most importantly, our Ez-Clean rods can be cleaned without the operator contacting sharp metal shards, a considerable safety advantage. If we can assist optimizing…
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Romar with Mission Christmas ©ROMAR International 2020

ROMAR – Mission Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, the ROMAR team made the decision to cancel our annual Secret Santa – and instead put our effort into collecting gifts for those less fortunate than ourselves. We’re just about to deliver our first shipment of gifts to the Mission Christmas Cash for Kids appeal. If you would like to help, more information…
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ROMAR EZ-Clean® Filter Tank System - Service quality commended

ROMAR Service Quality Commended

The ROMAR® team have been commended for the high level of service quality attained on a recent SS1000 swarf handling job in the Central North Sea. Our crew received the maximum possible feedback rating from the operator for QHSE Engagement, Proactivity, Cooperation & Communication, Equipment Performance, Personnel Attitude & Performance, Preparedness and Housekeeping. The client…
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ROMAR EZ-Clean® Filter Tank System ©ROMAR International 2020

New ROMAR Filter Tank SystemVideo

We have released a new narrated video covering our Filter Tank technology. The ROMAR® Filter Tank System can be applied at locations such as liquid mud plants to remove metal debris – before the mud is applied on drilling projects. Thus greatly reducing the risk of down-hole or surface equipment failure, and reducing operator expense…
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ROMAR International Logo Video Still ©ROMAR International 2020

New ROMAR Ez-Clean System Video

We just released a narrated video covering our Ez-Clean ditch magnet technology. Our system is considerably safer and more effective than conventional bar magnets, thus greatly reducing the risk of injury and equipment failure for operators. If we can help increase safety and reduce operational cost on your projects – THEN DON’T HESITATE TO GET IN…
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ROMAR SS1000 in the workshop, ©ROMAR International 2020

New SS1000 System for East Africa

The ROMAR team are preparing another SS1000 swarf handling system for shipment to a client in East Africa. Our system will optimise both performance and safety during milling operations on this significant client well abandonment campaign.