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Prevention, Predictability and Packer Management

Prevention, Predictability and Packer Management

ROMAR’s PMS™ is a unique mud spill prevention system developed to protect the environment and marine life while providing digital diagnostic monitoring of packer pressure. ROMAR is proud of this technology and its benefits to our international pool of clients, offering reassurance and a planet-friendly solution that helps avoid accidental contamination of the environment.

ROMAR’s Senior Technician and PMS whiz Ross Mathieson can often be found travelling around the world to support our international clients with the installation of packer management systems. He describes ROMAR’s PMS™ as ‘a fascinating piece of kit’ and has compiled his top four benefits of our packer management technology:

Protecting the Environment 

ROMAR’s packer management system detects any unusual pressure fluctuations indicative of packer wear. It helps avoid accidental fluid spills by providing prevention at the source, protecting marine life and the environment. Not only is this beneficial on an environmental scale, but it safeguards clients’ budgets and reputation.

Intelligent Monitoring  

ROMAR PMS™ uses intelligent Deadband tracking to automatically adjust the alarm trip point and automatically inflate the backup packer when sensing a primary pressure drop. In turn, this avoids the accidental loss of well fluid past the sealing element of the slip joint, preventing spills to sea.

Diagnostic Data Capture

An LCD colour display within the PMS control panel provides visual information about the system’s status, packer pressure readings, alarm information and control parameter settings. The PMS system records all data, and this can be reviewed if an incident occurs.

Immediate Automated Response 

Our system provides visual and audible pneumatic or electrical alarm systems. If an alarm is triggered, the solenoid valves activate at lightning speed. These alarms can be installed both locally and remotely for peace of mind, no matter the location.

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