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ROMAR PMS: Planet-Friendly Mudspill Prevention

ROMAR’s PMS™ has a 100% track record across 100+ installations worldwide since its introduction in 2008

Why use ROMAR’s Packer Management System?

The loss of well fluid and hydrocarbons past the primary sealing element of the marine riser slip joint has been a recurring source of marine environment pollution by the oil and gas industry for the last 50 years. Originally designed for use with water-based mud systems, a minor amount of fluid seepage was relied upon to lubricate the slip joint. Thereby reducing frictional wear on the seal element.

However with non-aqueous drilling fluids now being used extensively in offshore drilling operations, leakage past the slip joint packer and the related accidental spillage into the environment is considered highly undesirable by operators, rig owners and service companies alike. As a result, slip joint packers are now operated at higher pressures in order to eliminate seepage; ironically however, this has increased the frequency and likelihood of seal failure.  

Effectively tackling this issue, amidst an increasingly attentive global community focussed on the protection of the environment, is key to being able to demonstrate genuine corporate commitment towards the delivery of environmental performance targets.

Recognising the risks associated with environmental spill incidents, ROMAR® has developed a unique system to address this issue.

The ROMAR Packer Management System™ [PMS™] offers clients the opportunity to avoid accidental contamination of the environment by ensuring prevention at source. With a 100% record across over 100 installations worldwide since introduction, the ROMAR PMS™ has prevented an estimated 350 spills to sea.


Automatically inflates backup packer on sensing primary pressure drop.


Fully automated in case of power or pressure supply failure (backup packer activated and upper packer pressure closed in.

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