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SE-Asia Ez-Clean Customer Feedback

SE-Asia Ez-Clean Customer Feedback

Case Study: ROMAR Ez-Clean Ditch Magnet System applied on a Whipstock Sidetrack ©ROMAR International 2020

Extremely positive feedback received from a ROMAR International customer in SE Asia who applied our Ez-Clean system on their 2018-2019 drilling campaign:

“This is the second campaign to utilize the magnets and the efficiency continues to be outstanding. We experienced zero MWD/LWD failures attributed to metal cuttings and none were reported in the tool teardowns. We also experienced zero pump issues related to metal cuttings in the drilling fluid. These results are outstanding given the fact that over 500 feet of 7” casing was milled and the tortuous nature of the wells drilled. We look forward to utilizing the magnets on future projects”

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